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After asking Marina to help me, I liked the attitude of Yana to meet me immediately the next day.

At that moment I started to think she is that woman I want to live with.

His letters were so lovely, romantic and joyful, that Nadya was waiting every day for these letters that became a real pleasure for her. Finally, Jean-Luc made a decision to come to Ukraine for a long-awaited date with Nadya! Jean-Luc's secret: from the first minutes of the date he looked at Nadya amorously!

He acted like a real gentleman in everything, for example he never allowed the lady to open the door of a car by herself.

Both Nadya and our translator then said that Jean-Luc was such a nice man that it seemed they had known each other for 1000 years.

Jean-Luc has already been to Ukraine for several times and every time he says he is very happy :) «What this girl really needs is a man who keeps his feet on the ground firmly.

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Then I felt that he irradiated tranquillity and friendliness.

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