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These libraries can be backed up and archived and are usually a fraction of the size of the original. This is a massive improvement and allows for more control than before.All your adjustments can quite simply be switched on and off or brushed in or out without changing the RAW data.And I am in no way saying that Aperture 3 is a replacement; it’s another tool with some very new and powerful additions.I’m not suggesting that we photographers can do it all and I am aware that there will always be a serious need for post production specialists, but it really depends on the level of a particular project and its required usage.Computer programmes were needed to make sense of this new and groundbreaking technology and I believe that Aperture has earned its rightful place within the industry.Maybe because I shoot so many frames, I have found editing my work to be one of the most challenging disciplines to learn.

For most of us, both Capture One and Photoshop can sometimes feel daunting and a little confusing, but they are both essential.It is a critically important tool, allowing photographers to take a fuller and more complete control over their work in a way that was previously simply not possible.In many ways I entered the business at the perfect time, as digital had gone through the initial teething troubles and was finally coming of age.At £169 or £79 for the upgrade, it’s cheaper than anight out with Alistair Darling, and probably a lot more entertaining.Tethering would make my list, as at the time of writing this dispatch, I cannot tether my Canon 1Ds Mk III.

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Fast forward…and I’ve just finished a studio shoot for L’Oréal at Iris Studios in London.

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