Biblical dating advice boaz

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Biblical dating advice boaz

But beyond that, how do you know whom God wants you to marry? How can you know God’s will on this important decision?

So Paul addresses these and some other problems in this chapter. But, his word to singles is: Singles should pursue a course that leads to the greatest devotion to Christ and His cause.Or, if you have a ministry that requires long periods of travel, it might create such a strain on your family that it would be better not to get married.Some countries are not conducive to raising a family because of the political, economic, or educational situations.He is not commanding being single, since he recognizes the single state as a gift which God only gives to some (7:7-9); but he is strongly commending it, since it was a gift he himself had, and since it provides a number of advantages for serving the Lord that being married precludes.This is perhaps a word that needs to be spoken more often in our day.

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In such a time, it’s easier to be single than married.

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