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During the trial, the court heard Symons used Facebook to contact both cadets for explicit conversations about their sexual interests and experiences.He also asked them for naked photos, the court was told."I find he obtained sexual gratification from those dirty talk exchanges," Judge Mc Ewen said.The Love Well Project at Mt Gravatt was the brainchild of the Hope Foundation, a charity that offers support to former sex workers.The charity received the keys to the council-owned cafe site at the lookout location in August last year.

He had been charged in November with "a number of child sex offences" including grooming and possessing explicit material.

Symons was acquitted of one count of unlawful sexual intercourse while in a post of authority, the judge finding he could not determine beyond reasonable doubt the alleged offending occurred before the cadet's 18th birthday.

The man, who is no longer with the ambulance organisation, was found not guilty of one count of communicating with intent to make a child amenable to sexual activity.

Founder Bronwen Healy said the project had so far been challenging yet rewarding."We're trying to create coffee for purpose," she said.

"The leadership team involves a manager, a head barista and our 2IC."The 2IC actually came from the Hope Foundation."She was in a psychiatric ward seven years ago, she had no custody of her kids, and now she's the 2IC up here flourishing and living a full life ...

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