Cannabis legalised for intimidating looking people Lesley chat ottawa cam naked serge

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Cannabis legalised for intimidating looking people

That's leaving some would-be marijuana gardeners looking to the private sector for help raising the temperamental plant."We can't go there," said Brian Clark, a spokesman for Washington State University in Pullman, which runs the state's extension services for gardening and agriculture.The class was the brainchild of Matt Jones, a 24-year-old Web developer who wanted to get into the marijuana business without raising or selling it himself.As a teenager, Jones once tried to grow pot himself in empty Home Depot paint buckets.

In Washington, home-growing is banned, but it will be legal to grow pot commercially once state officials establish rules and regulations.

In Colorado, adults are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants in their own homes, so long as they're in a locked location out of public view.

At least two Colorado entrepreneurs are taking advantage of that aspect of the law; they're offering growing classes that have attracted wannabe professional growers, current users looking to save money by growing their own pot and a few baby boomers who haven't grown pot in decades and don't feel comfortable going to a marijuana dispensary.

On Wednesday, a bill in Congress will be introduced to legalize marijuana on the national level — ending the decades long prohibition. Some believe that marijuana arrests for possession are a thing of the past, the numbers don't support that.

Moreover, the hunt for weed by police has made simply walking down the street a risk for black men and women — frisking for marijuana has been used as means of detaining, intimidating and sometimes framing African Americans for decades.

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For instance, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was in favor of medical and decriminalization, but stopped short of supporting full-legalization.

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