Chat dominant female

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Chat dominant female

Without proper guidance from her Dominant the submissive will not have the ability to know whether she is fully satisfying her Dominant’s desires.

The Dominant needs to command certain actions that he desires of his submissive.

A convenient private time and place for Dominants to practice giving and hearing themselves command their desires is in the car while driving to and from work.

When you are not confident in yourself you will naturally speak in a lower, weaker, voice.

Most new Dominants lack the self confidence to give their submissive orders and command them to act out the Dominant’s desires. When the Dominant gives a command to his submissive and in doing so can hear the fear in his own voice it destroys his self confidence.

Many men have spent years cherishing their wife or significant other and placing them high upon a pedestal elevating them to a princess like status.

Any one of these commands would work or all four of these commands given together would work even better.

Discussing this topic may seem elementary, however, accomplishing this simple task during play often proves more difficult for most. Phrases stating that it feels good and a couple of noises or grunts inferring satisfaction from the Dominant is not going to be sufficient in a successful D/s relationship.

If you find it difficult or awkward speaking to your submissive with authority, practice.

This happens when both partners are truly selfless in the other partners pleasure.

Like everything else, when learning something new start at the beginning and start small.

You should always have your submissive’s undivided attention and not have to repeat yourself.

If your submissive does not comply with your command immediately, a swift smack on the ass may be in order.

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Review the entire scenario in your mind before the actual scene.