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They have to know everything because often times they only have a dead body to speak to them. They have to know everything because often times they only have a dead body to speak to them. This is something that is seen often at a forensic autopsy. Warning signs include sharp chest pain and dizziness.

Only blood is supposed to be in the blood vessels and travel through the circulatory system, though the heart and lungs.An empyema can occur in anybody cavity- but most commonly this term is used to describe it in the pleural or lung space. The top photo is an illustration of the liposuction procedure. The cannula is the tool inserted into the skin to basically suck out the fat.When this tool is inserted and vigorously passed through the subcutaneous tissue- it is cutting through blood vessels.The bottom photos are from autopsy showing a brain with fat embolism.The arrows point to pin point hemorrhages in the white matter.

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The timing for this varies from person to person depending on many factors like the persons age or body weight and the surrounding environment and temperature the body died in. This video shows a funeral director popping the blisters that grow as a result of skin slippage.

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