Court opinions dating

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Only the holding is binding precedent in subsequent cases.Each reported decision may comprise one opinion written by one judge on behalf of the entire court, or several opinions written by individuals or groups of judges.A statement that is prepared by a judge or court announcing the decision after a case is tried; includes a summary of the facts, a recitation of the applicable law and how it relates to the facts, the rationale supporting the decision, and a judgment; and is usually presented in writing, though occasionally an oral opinion is rendered.Court opinions are the pronouncements of judges on the legal controversies that come before them.

The majority of court opinions are not released for publication.In a common-law system, court opinions constitute the law by which all controversies are settled.Attorneys analyze prior opinions on similar legal issues, attempting to draw parallels between their case and favorable court opinions and to distinguish unfavorable opinions.Not all the opinions in a case have the same legal force.The most significant is a majority opinion, in which a majority of the members of the court agree both with the reasoning and with the holding.

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The summary and headnotes are written by the publisher of the reporter for the convenience of the reader and are not part of the court's opinion.