Dating a former meth addict

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Dating a former meth addict

Therefore, I would appreciate advice regardless of how hurtful or straightforward.

We understand when dealing with drug addicts (and caring too much for them) helpful words and actions are painful, but necessary for change and letting go.

Therefore, I am very well aware of the meth addiction and behaviors that go with it.

Ultimately, this guy (2007-2010) moved out of state and began dating an old high school friend. I did not date for several years while I was healing and trying to regain MY life back.

However, they became extremely worse around the end of May.

I could no longer avoid this behavior and what was going on.

This is where the largest warning sign came in, and his behavior was more aggressive than normal during sex. - He blamed his behavior on the alcohol, but this was clearly not alcohol related (i.e.

- He would not eat for days (claims he wanted to look good and slim for “the ladies”).

It can come as a surprise when you’re dating someone who reveals that he’s a recovering drug addict.

It goes without saying that he probably led a lifestyle that seems vastly different from the one he’s living with you.

He had been keeping his drug use under wraps rather well.

Now, that I think about it, the signs were present.

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I am new to this site as far as posting, but I have been reading and learning so much helpful information.

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