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Marie, a single mother of one, says that dating with a son is challenging because she’s not only dating for herself, but to find someone suitable to help raise him and set a good example as a man.She acknowledges that there’s always the fear a man won’t be welcoming when she tells him she has a child, but that just lets her know she needs to keep it moving.

Do you feel that your characters would be a good match?

: With dating for parents, a person’s character can reveal a lot about how harmonious a relationship could be.

You’re not just concerned with an individual’s integrity and moral character.

That’s why we’ve jotted down some helpful things to remember while exploring online dating for parents.

It’s wise to use the acronym CHECK to filter out poor choices.

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Melanie, a divorced mother of two teenagers, says that she vets the guys she’s interested in pretty thoroughly early on.