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The other great memory and again something which would be frowned upon now, was taking the Dinner left overs across the road to the Farm opposite, where we would dump it upon the resident Pigs. That was a mixed School, but we moved home and I went to Bayham Road Primary in Sevenoaks. Maybe it was the fact I was always 'the new chap' and not there from the Start.Also, it was more of a 'townie' place and had expectations which I tended to find difficult.

Throughout the years, a number of sex education videos were made to help young people and adults alike understand puberty, pregnancy, and what was considered “appropriate” expressions of one’s sexuality.I got branded the Class Creep as we progressed through the years. By chance, the Headmaster taught us Geography and would always use my Book work as the example of how it should be done.To avoid the Cane on my from the Headmaster and spoiling my credibility after being caught throwing a Rubber Bung at the Stand-in Biology Teacher, I gave my name as Paul Eaton to him.The narrator congratulates Elaine on her abilities as a master of undressing and gets nervous at certain points, dumbfounded at her sex appeal.The movie was created by husband-and-wife team Hildegarde and Dwaine Esper.

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We only went inside the house once and came away thrilled with imagination.

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