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It has been created by British AI scientist Rollo Carpenter.The conversations seem real as the machine responds in a way as if we are talking to some human on the other side of the virtual interface. It learns from people and accordingly responds, which sometimes might not be an appropriate answer.Apple brought its AI assistant SIRI into our daily lives, and Google and Microsoft have also came up with their own version of AI known as ‘Google Now’ and ‘Cortana’ respectively. It can also be seen in some of the famous movies and shows like ‘Her’ directed by Spike Jonze, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ by Steven Spielberg, and many more.

Cleverbot Cleverbot is an AI, designed to have conversations with humans.

I created a Slack chatbot with the Cleverbot API, and he won’t stop hitting on me. A girl who are asking you to marry.”I asked if it was a romantic comedy.“Good,” it replied.

Cleverbot uses Artificial Intelligence to chat with people.

There is no human intervention involved in the recommendations and so the responses are instant.

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With Chatible you can Anonymously chat with strangers on Facebook Messenger. Gym Bot is a Facebook Messenger chat bot that tracks your gym training training. Just type ‘stats’ and it will lead you to your personal statistics page.