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Frink computer dating

It may be surprising, then, to learn that the earliest computer programmers were women and that the programming field was once stereotyped as .As historian Nathan Ensmenger explained to a Stanford audience, as late as the 1960s many people perceived computer programming as a natural career choice for savvy young women.Rather, managers hired women because they expected programming to be a low-skill clerical function, akin to filing, typing, or telephone switching.Assuming that the real “brain work” in electronic computing would be limited to the hardware side, managers reserved these tasks for male engineers.

Not only do hiring managers tend to favor male applicants, but women are less likely to pursue careers a field where feel they won’t fit in.Rather than equating programming with clerical work, employers now compared it to male-stereotyped activities such as chess-playing or mathematics.But even so, hiring managers facing a labor crunch caused by the rapid expansion of computing could not afford to be overly choosy.They are widely celebrated as the world’s first computer programmers.However, says Ensmenger, the presence of these women did not indicate that managers of the ENIAC project had modern attitudes toward women in the workforce.

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Based on a series of preference questions, these tests sought to indentify job applicants who were the ideal programming “type.” According to test developers, successful programmers had most of the same personality traits as other white-collar professionals.

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