Gta iv dating kate after she died battlefield vietnam stats not updating

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Gta iv dating kate after she died

He had reason enough, considering his own flesh and blood had tried to have him killed.That left the final Mc Reary brother, with his dear sister gone.Not to say he wasn't grateful for her concern, but it reminded him too well of the conversations he would have with Roman.They made it sound so easy to leave this life behind.There is a glitch that occurs in-game after the Revenge ending.

The game was silly and played too often between them, but it at least made them forget about their respective problems for a short while.She will ask Niko if he wants to hang out, despite the fact that she is dead.Having Niko accept allows the date to continue as it usually would."Loving sister and daughter." That was all the epitaph above Miss Mc Reary's grave had to say.Conversation between Niko and his friend had been understandably strained. He hadn't heeded Packie's warning to not get close to Kate, and she had paid the price. XXXXXXTrue to what her brother had told him, Kate would never allow Niko to follow her inside after he dropped her back at home.That didn't matter much; the loose women that populated Liberty City were more than happy to satisfy for a fee.

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XXXXXXIt was before this pitiful headstone that Niko stood. He had come here a few times before, when the dirt had not yet settled.

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