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Hermaphrodite chat

Eventually males split off as separate from hermaphrodite as the only way to compete with other males and then the non-males specializes as females only to be the best at producing children and because they can't compete with specialized males for mating rights. The point is I want to avoid this issue, to justify hermaphrodite sapient that make sense evolutionary and won't diverge into separate sexes.

They must also live socially with no shortage in potential mates.

There is a reason more 'complex' species don't tend to be hermaphrodites (forgive my simplification of referring to species like mammals as more complex, I'm not implying evolutionary levels, just more extensive genetic code).

If you feel this kwinky dating community is for you then click the 'get started' arrow to be connected to the Hermaphrodite Dating Community and start meeting others like you. Phosphate for phospholipids to make the nervous system is a good bet.Sexual recombination is a huge evolutionary advantage and the primary driving factor behind the complexity of organisms in which it has evolved.Hard part is simply figuring out what can strain the body enough as to make having another child so difficult on a parent that they can't try again for so long, but I think I could work something out of [email protected] It just needs to be something in the ancestral environment where they evolved.It doesn't have to still be true once they invent agriculture, hairdressing college and telephone sanitisers.

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