Hiding email in adult dating sites Chats maduras gratis

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I have hidden my profile here more than once, but not because I was up to anything shady.

I hid it because I have been busy with work (at home) and only wanted to spend some time chatting with somebody I already know here and did not want to have any new contacts feeling I was being rude or brushing them off by not having the time to start up something new.

Here's a thought, why don't you ask these people with hidden profiles why they keep their profiles tucked away and why they add you and delete you from their favorites' list?

You never know, your assumptions may be completely wrong.

This includes people you wouldn't talk to for a million dollars.

You can't decide that it's okay for Joe Schmoe to see it but not Mr. I think people on here hide their profiles for many reasons, some innocent and some not so innocent.

(They contact me, I check the username, if it's hidden then I say thanks but no thanks).

Why are hidden profiles still allowed to interact with non-hidden profiles?Favourites: How to Add Users Favourites: Hidden Profiles & Favourite List Monitoring Favourites: Cannot add Users Profiles: Favourite/Who Loves Me List Discrepancies & Hidden Users Favourites: Hidden Profiles & Log-in Times My point is it is "stalker-ish" in nature. I have been on this site for quite awhile so I am not "new blood".You don't think it is "harassing" to have someone with a hidden profile add you to their favorites to check you activity and then immediately delete you. Its all relevant what you look at or focus in on, and what you would like to have your Attention to be consumed by.Around the time of the speed dating I had a different profile and some profiles contantly do that to me and I had no way to block them.I deleted that profile and stayed away for awhile and came back with this profile.

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