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A Processing Fee of 50,000 yen is usually charged, but collected at the end of your contract to help minimize the financial burden on you.

However, in appreciation for doing a good job, we completely waive the fee if you complete your contract.

But we always do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Sorry, but all resort dorms are single-sex, so you won’t be able to stay in the same room together.

Before their Visa application, many applicants receive from their parents, of a few thousand dollars.

If you plan on traveling to other countries before Japan and need to get your visa early, please contact us for more information.There’s no reason to be nervous in the Interview; it’s just a relaxed, casual chat, to get an idea of whether you’re suited to Resort work in Japan or not.Your interviewer will ask you a couple of quick questions about yourself and your interest in Japan, and then a couple of simple questions in Japanese, to get an idea of your Japanese level.The actual amount depends on your country, but at the time you apply for your Working Holiday Visa you must show that you have a few thousand dollars available in your bank account.The Visa office needs to know you have sufficient funds to pay for your airfare, and support yourself while living in Japan. As many of you are students, we know this much money can be hard to raise.

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It varies depending on your nationality, but the Visa can take up to 3 weeks to process.