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tho i think with us guys it is more kind of part and parcel of the cerebral chemistry. I'm laid back and easy going and stressed out people repulse me. Have you ever found someone physically attractive and compatible with you in a number of ways and yet not feel an emotional chemistry with them? Is mutual emotional chemistry harder to find than mutual physical chemistry in your dating experiences past anf present?and yes i've experienced one sided if you will chemistry. If she is full of drama and worried about everything, its just not going to work. I think when it comes to love & relationship it goes hand in hand for me. But yes finding somebody physically attractive but not emotionally attractive.. Emotionally you really like them but physically not so much...If I'm not interested in their world/time I'm simply not interested in them at all. My narcissistic ex wasn't interested in me, nor in sharing his world/time with me. People form an emotional connection first but often when they meet in person there is no chemistry ... The dating World Tricky Tricky I'm not really sure how you are defining it in a practical sense.If I'd be looking for an intimate encounter I suppose I'd only be interested in the physical, but I think that's exactly why an intimate encounter doesn't work for me. At first he made out to be, but that's the normal first stage of what these ppl do to get you hooked. Which in itself is a good thing otherwise everyone would be compatible with us. lol To be honest, the first time I've experienced a genuine interest in me, my life, my past, is with the current man in my life. Not saying my 1st partner (not the narcissist) was a jerk, not at all. But I think it's also a matter of growth/age from both partners. usually something physical is a turn off or missing .. I am an old fashion 47 year old man that was never was married, no kids don't smoke or do no drugs your typical portuguese man that is looking for a single woman 28-49 years of age that doesn't smoke do no drugs. I mean lets say you're with someone on a first date and you see a puppy. The dating World Tricky Tricky I think it depends upon the reason you are with someone...

They've "paid" for the relationship they want by forming the pseudo emotional bond, now it's the other persons responsibility to fulfill the bargain by doing more "real life" work to provide what was "paid" for.

This is why people are compatible at the beginning of a marriage but as time progresses, emotionally, they mature at different rates.

Emotionally, people do not mature at the same rate.

usually something physical is a turn off or missing .. usually something physical is a turn off or missing .. More then once it is why they are not around anymore... " you inherently trust that you can be emotionally vulnerable and expressive with them.

I'm one that it's all in or all out when it comes to a relationship if the chemistry is not there I will not stay within a relationship and don't have a issue voicing my opinion~~~ for me it's a large part. So seek out "world/time share" for social hierarchy and acceptance, group forming.

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tho i think with us guys it is more kind of part and parcel of the cerebral chemistry. That's interesting what you said about the cerebral chemistry Eric. - You're normally the type of person that tries to hide your emotional reactions behind a facade and you're looking for "chemistry" so you don't have to hide how you really feel, seeking someone that gives you permission through their indirect communication to get over your own insecurities.