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The car is the only place you can talk to yourself and look sane because people are always thinking you’re talking to someone, but half of the time I’m not. He even went on to play professional football in Europe for a short time. Regardless of whether or not Shay and Matte are officially in a relationship or just hanging out, it definitely seems like they get along and have a lot in common.

Given that Shay is always mixing up her workout routine, we're sure gym dates could be in their future.#7.

Matte didn't always plan on being in the television business. But he's grown to love being in front of the camera. As a VJ and music television host, Matte has interviewed musicians such as Mariah Carey, Usher, and Justin Timberlake.

The actress is rumored to be dating Matte Babel, who is a television host and music reporter, and also from Canada, like Shay.

While neither Shay nor Matte have confirmed their relationship, a source told that they've been seeing one another for a few months.

(As always, take sources with a grain of salt.) Additionally, Shay and Matte have taken to Snapchat to show off their selfies together.

During those years, she moved with her parents to various bases in western Canada.

After the war, her father began working as a grocer, and his work took the family to Saskatchewan, to the towns of Maidstone and North Battleford.

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Matte, Ryan, and Drake are all reportedly tight with one another.