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While Sylvia, the black star of Sex After School who later did TV work under a different name, gives off a naive vibe with statements along the lines of 'the body is a beautiful thing', her two co-stars are from a much tougher school of drifting, careerless people who've ended up in vice.

The girl playing a pseudo-teenager seems on a depressive trip- she's interviewed still naked, nervously dragging on a cigarette and looks down allot, a vulnerable mess of a girl.

See full summary » A bored teenage girl decides that she wants to meet rock stars, and the best way to do that is to become a groupie.

She finds herself going on the road with a rock band called Opal ...

Granted it may not be as radical as the some of the outlaw characters on display like Lindsay but in Long's humorous way Naughty does at least quietly question why Britain shouldn't be allowed the same freedoms as Europe, whilst poking fun at moral guardians past and present.

A man leading a double life, Papa reads pornographic literature under a copy of The Times and gives ridiculous speeches about how self-abuse can lead to lunacy to his son before popping out to a whorehouse.

Although its specifically addressing the Victorian era this segment contains many nuggets of truth regarding the British attitude to sex.

Don't be fooled by the stiff upper lip stereotype the great British public will gobble up smut at any opportunity whether it be Mc Gill seaside postcards, tabloid bust models or Come Play with Me, yet its as British to deny enjoying such things, or wear a beard of disapproval - its behavior true of anything from British sex film directors who claimed to hate filming sex scenes but turned out hardcore on the sly, to cranky dirty macs harassing snap happy tourists in Soho with "ere mate, you didn't just take a picture of me, did ja? Naughty gets much comic mileage out of the Victorians but then throws it back in the audiences face by suggesting things may not have changed that much.

Is the Victorian street hawker who stuffs porn up his sleeve when plod comes along a million miles from the sex shop owner the Naughty crew encounter who keeps some of the 'hard stuff' in a back room?

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Or hardworking 19th century nude photographer Henry Hayler to the similarly one man band operation of blue movie maker John Lindsay?