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Northern soul dating site

In restaurants, diners slurp down bowls of locally-favoured joints and steakhouses.

Sawamoto, Yoshioka and Iwabuchi made the same trip to further their musical education, returning with tales of sweat-soaked camaraderie and rare records, and with a willingness to spread the gospel in their home cities of Kobe and Osaka.Johhe rules the dancefloor at the Jam Jam club in Kobe.He spins, shuffles and launches a series of high kicks: His baggy trousers billowing as he syncs his moves to the steady tempo of singer Luther Ingram’s 1967 non-hit “I used You Tube videos of dancers at Wigan Casino to help me practise,” says Johhe.“There’s something very special about the atmosphere,” says Dave Flynn, the founder of London’s Capital Soul Club and a regular guest DJ at Nude Restaurant.“On the UK scene, even in its heyday, everything was a little bit more competitive and judgemental. The guys that run [Nude Restaurant] are all very charismatic but they give out a friendlier vibe. You can come here knowing nobody and leave with 20 new mates.” Northern soul isn’t a new fad in Japan – it’s been popular here for over 20 years. “We had no history, no knowledge, no audience, no records.

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Kitaaki pauses, eyeing the clock before bringing the needle down onby Sam Williams.