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Just the sight of a woman’s skin, or her smell will be enough to throw your attraction into overdrive.Your sexual instincts will be back where they are supposed to be, and you will crave women like never before.– You will start to notice women you once found unattractive Women that once were not up to your porn standards really start to pop out at you.You will start to see the beauty in women that you once overlooked because they did not have the bodies of porn stars.I find myself more and more surprised at some of the women I find attractive and for what reasons. This should be reason enough for anyone to stop watching internet porn.

Porn is now so fantastically HD, with every sexual fantasy imaginable at the click of a mouse.I know he’s not a real man, but do you think the character James Bond was watching porn in between killing bad guys and slaying gorgeous women?Do you think George Clooney and Brad Pitt were spending hours streaming porn and fapping in their trailers on the set on Ocean’s 13. Guys who live lives that you envy, get girls you want, and carry themselves like you should, don’t waste their time jerking off to internet porn. They approach women and are smooth when they do so. Or you can turn to your laptop when you get aroused. Let’s get to the benefits of quitting porn no two…Men no longer have to make any attempt at fulfilling there sexuality.The brain becomes so accustom to this unnatural level of Dopamine that without porn you can not achieve an erection and you straight feel like crap.It is a proven fact that porn affects the brain the exact same way as other addictive drugs. I think the greatest gift of living a porn free is how you start to perceive women around you.


This is a very dangerous line, as seen in the examples below.– Example 2– Example 3– Example 4I could link you 100 examples easy, of just men who write about it online.

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