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During the episode, one of the main characters (Rachel) reveals that she is pregnant, even though she and another character (Ross) used a condom during intercourse.

The show gave specific information about condom-efficacy rates, noting that they are successful 95% of the time.

Thus, early initiation of intercourse is an important public health issue.

It is widely believed that TV plays a role in hastening the initiation of sexual activity in teens.

The second study, described below, took this approach.

Can television play a more positive role in promoting adolescent sexual awareness?

Funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation, it examined the effect on teenage viewers of a particular episode of a popular sitcom () that dealt with condom efficacy.

Rather, it concluded that more-effective tests of such material are needed.

One way to test such effects is to examine the impact of particular shows or episodes that deal with sexual risk.

In effect, youths who watched the most sexual content “acted older”: a 12-year-old at the highest levels of exposure behaved like a 14- or 15-year-old at the lowest levels.

The study also identified other factors that increased the likelihood that teens would initiate intercourse, including being older, having older friends, getting lower grades, engaging in rule-breaking such as skipping class, and sensationseeking.

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A different set of factors was found to decrease the likelihood of first intercourse.

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