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(image right: national flag) The Law Against Discrimination was extended in 2009, prohibiting discrimination based on sex, sexual expression or sexual orientation.

Homosexual sex was decriminalized in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBi H) in 1996 and in the Republika Srpska (RS) in 1998, by those two entities adopting their own criminal laws.The following notice from 2007 was posted on the ILGA website about Logos–however, none of the website addresses are correct and we are trying to find active sites.“Organisation Logos has issued the Baseline Study on Faith-based Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Challenges of Non-patriarchal Approaches and Communities, which deals with the complex and vehement issue of place and treatment of LGBTIQ persons in the religious communities present in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Islam, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.).In that study they cite numerous indignations against LGBT people in employment, media bias, violence (including from one’s own family), hate speech, privacy, association and expression.There is no legal recognition of same-sex relationships: “The Bosnian legal system defines marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman, meaning that two persons of the same sex may not enter into marriage and therefore cannot enjoy the privilege of a paid leave of absence in exceptional family emergencies involving sickness or death, a privilege that is extended to unmarried different-sex couples.” One of the reports conclusions was that “despite the significant development of European law on the LGBT issue, there is very limited and often no means for a person discriminated against on the grounds of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity to seek effective redress under the law in LBi H.” Struggling against history, politics, religion, ignorance and irrational opposition are several LGBT organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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“The study is available for free download at Logos website ( in English (direct link: and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (direct link: languages.

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