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MORE A license to sell and manufacture firearms may be canceled or suspended, and all firearms seized or purchased, on or by order of the governor during any time of a national emergency or crisis until such time as the national emergency or crisis has passed, or until such time as the licensee and the government of the U. or the government of Hawaii may agree upon some other disposition.Any person violating the provisions pertaining to automatic firearms, assault pistols, sawed off shotguns and rifles shall be imprisoned for a term of not less than two years nor more than 5 years without probation.

The permit shall be void unless used within 10 days after the date of issue.

The possession of all firearms and ammunition is restricted to the possessor’s place of business, residence, or sojourn, but it is lawful to carry firearms and ammunition in an enclosed container 3 or other suitable container from the place of purchase to the purchaser’s home, place of business, or place of sojourn, or between these places when moving, or between these places and a place of repair or a target range.

MORE • Regularly enrolled members of any organization duly authorized to purchase or receive the firearms from the U. or from the state, provided they are at, or going to or from their places of assembly or target practice.

It is unlawful to willfully alter, remove, or obliterate the name of the make, model, serial number, or other mark of identification of any firearm or ammunition.

Possession of such a firearm creates a legal presumption that the possessor has committed the unlawful act.

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Any person acquiring a firearm under the permit is required to register it within five days of acquisition.