Tanushree dutta dating

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Tanushree dutta dating

I always say that she has most faith in me and she understands me much more than I do.She knew that I was interested in acting but I was not very sure because it is very tough to make a mark in this industry.It depends on each and every person or each and every couple as to how their understanding is. Today what my relation with my mom is, it would be very different from what my relation with my dad.In today’s time, I see a lot of problems happening in relationships and I just believe that it shouldn’t happen.What I’ve seen earlier is, it was just one person who would take control.It was the man who used to go out and work and now both the partners are working, so somehow the girls have taken the job of a man where they go out and work but the man is not really coming back and doing the household work.

My bonding with her is really very strong because she is my guide in my life.As you know TV needs a lot of time and one can’t think to do anything else especially if one is playing the lead, hence I couldn’t pick up television but I have always believed in destiny and the fact that the right thing happen at the right time and I think this was the time to do something in television, hence I got the show.I have got lot of love and a lot of support from everybody and I am really happy.The balance has gone a little haywire and that’s why the problem exists.Are you happy to comeback on television owing to the fact that many actors prefer films for its finite duration of work than the long working period of daily soaps that stretch as long as the TRP’s demand? I really like it and enjoy it that’s why I am probably doing television again otherwise, I wouldn’t have.

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For me, to sign a clause like this was not a big deal.