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The playbook dating

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Black people face racism and hatred everywhere they turn, whether it comes to dating, interacting with police, being terrorized by the state, being subjected to a war of occupation by the demon sons of Yacub, or allowing record companies to wage an ongoing campaign of genocide against them.

Since you are a Martian, you have no childishly naïve prejudices—nor any meticulously acquired adult postjudices—about frivolities such as “racism” or “injustice” or “equality.” You merely want to know the difference between white people and black people, and to keep it “relevant” as the teen earthlings are fond of saying, you confine your search to the prior week’s news.

Turning the former slave master’s whip upon their own kind, they constantly flog themselves over a past when they acted in collective self-interest rather than collective self-denial, and somehow they see this as virtuous and bold rather than masochistic and pathetic.

They manage to view it as a sign of progress rather than decline. They revel in lampooning their own supposed cultural awkwardness, in using the word “whitest“ as a pejorative, and in constantly claiming that whites are continually “stealing” and “appropriating” things from blacks—inane and ultimately insubstantial things such as a fondness for large posteriors, since apparently there isn’t much in the way of true scientific innovations to appropriate.

Since black people are viewed as inferior, they live in horrible communities and face ceaseless oppression and hatred at the hands of bigoted politicians who use them as tools but don’t really care about them, who only serve to buttress and enrich racist policemen and a racist prison system that routinely sets them up on false charges, making them insane while refusing to treat them for mental illness.

Surveying all the available evidence—at least as it’s framed through a Google search of the past week’s American media—a discerning Martian would reach two sobering and inescapable conclusions: 1) Being white sucks because white people suck. One might also rightly develop the sense that white people should hate themselves and be forced to live a bleak existence of constant apology and retreat.

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