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You’ll need to review, remove and replace existing methods with the following: General Methods (relevant for All Ad Units): The new SDK 6.6 initializes all the relevant ad units based on the configurations you set up in the platform, instead of you initializing each ad unit separately. We recommend the first method as it will fetch the specific ad units you define.

Download Adobe AIR directly from the Adobe AIR Download Center at However, you can install an Adobe AIR application without administrative access in a location that is writeable by the current user account.

had the same problem, I did get it to work though when I used an older Version of scratch.

The Adobe Air runtime enables developers to package the same code into native apps for desktop operating systems as well as for smartphone such as Android devices, i Phone, i Pad, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and other devices, reaching the mobile app stores for over 500 million devices.You can download version 455 from https://edu/scratchr2/static/sa/Scratch-455That is the latest version I did get to work, updating it is not possible, so one has to put up with the annoying "A newer versio of Scratch is available" popup when you start the program, but updating fails with the error message you reported. Modified: 2017/10/06 Android SDK Version: 3.2.1 i OS SDK Version: 3.2.1 Native Extension Version: 3.2.1 Ad Colony delivers zero-buffering, full-screen Instant-Play™ HD video, interactive Aurora™ Video, and Aurora™ Playable ads that can be displayed anywhere within your application.Hello, I want to install Adobe Air 3.1.04880 silently using SCCM 2007. Answer Summary: Check out the Deployment Tips for version 2 - If the same then the executable extracts and MSI which you can customise with an MST and deploy.I want to remove the old version first and then install the new version. If Air is like other Adobe products it should upgrade previous versions - check out the upgrade table in the MSI to see if it's populated.

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Additionally, if you are deploying to Android, you should follow the instructions for updating the Adobe AIR application descriptor for use with the Mobile Ads plugin.

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