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If that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out the witch killed her own children and then committed suicide.The family starts hearing voices and seeks out the help of a husband and wife who specialize in paranormal investigations.Experts even say that engaging in thrilling activities with another person can make your bond stronger.We’ve ordered our movie selections from light-hearted frights to bone-chilling tales that will stick with you long after you’ve turned off the TV—it’s up to you how close you want to get with your guy this Halloween! adaptation, a zombie boy falls for a living girl in the midst of an apocalypse.The creepiness escalates, and the couple must perform an exorcism before the family is possessed, and history repeats itself.This movie is not for the timid, so make sure you and your guy are ready for the eeriest scenes ever.If you need some motivation to make it through to the end, just know that Patrick Wilson gets a lot of screen time. will appreciate the bold suggestion and be more than happy to protect you from those freaky villains (whether you’re really scared or not! Take advantage of the spooky season and indulge your inner child; you can outgrow trick-or-treating, but scary movies are always age-appropriate.

So if you and your guy have opposite tastes on the movie spectrum, we’re sure you’ll both find something to love in this hilarious “horror” film.However, the assailants are in for a surprise when one of the sons’ girlfriends has hidden survival skills that could save them all.The retreat turns into a bloody game of cat and mouse as relationships are tested and trust becomes one of the most deadly weapons.While going for a walk to see the leaves changing is a nice way of hanging out, every couple needs a break from the typical fall dates—and what better way to break the lull than with popcorn and a blood-curdling thriller?So kick off the spooky festivities by cuddling up with your man and watching one of these terrifying movies!

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The movie features a cast of horror movie mavens that use their know-how to escape the attacks of a killer by the name of Ghostface (we wonder how long it took them to come up with that…).