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Respond to me with the number one thing besides your looks that makes you special, and the top three things you want to learn from a man like me. It creates an awesome synergy which can be inspiring.Give yourself to the experience and you might just get a glimpse of the glorious world we see.Feb 18 Gamefy G-League preview, hype piece, by BBC Not only does BBC appropriately hype up the upcoming G-League finals, but he also does so while giving some insight and reflection on esports as it has grown from his point of view.Feb 19 SGamer’s Top 10 Factors Holding Players Back A bit of a humorous take, this nonetheless covers many relevant topics in things to improve on for the average Dota player. The rumors suggest that ZSMJ’s team will become VG’s second official competitive squad, following the breakdown of ZSMJ’s previously lined up sponsor.Apr 23 Interview with Perfect World CEO PW CEO Robert Hong Xiao talks some business talk, and some insightful talk… The people at Perfect World remain active with a release day drawing ever nearer, VG and ZSMJ make changes, April Fools happened with a ‘rumor’ on Mushi, and G-1 marches on with half a dozen more fun little interviews. G-1 Champions League Season 5 is in full swing and phase three is just about to kick off, led off by a Phase 3 preview on the G-1 portal. Love adds two veteran players shortly before their G-1 debut. Long DD in turn goes to LGD.cn, where he is trying out to replace DD, who is on leave for health reasons.On top of that, check out all sorts of interviews with players from many different participating G-1 teams. Gamefy visits ZSMJ and VG; fan-made Dota documentary coming In this snippet of Gamefy’s daily gaming roundup show, they visit ZSMJ at his new digs in the VG team house and talk to him about his choice.Last but not least, Lan M shares with us an extremely insightful view into his life as a pro-gamer.

Lots of fun G-1 interviews with all your favorite players~ Apr 12 Perfect World 1M RMB tournament Early in the month, we heard more about PW’s tournament, as well as the upcoming beta… Recently, one dedicated fan of Dota made the pilgrimmage to a center of Buddhist spiritualism, Tibet, and brought Dota 2 along with him to find blessings for the upcoming launch of Dota 2 servers in China. Perfect World’s Dota team making moves A short update on what Perfect World are up to, and the status of Dota 2’s launch in China. …And related debates of esports in the mainstream In this article that first appeared in a Chinese newspaper, we touch on mainstream understanding and acceptance of esports in China, along with hints that government organizations are looking to support esports in a major way in the future. Johnny Looking at the 8 teams that have made it this far, their strengths and weaknesses, and what to watch for. Big news this week was Tong Fu making roster changes, with involved to a lesser degree.Cyka 28 - years old a man seeking a woman age from 18 till 21 Avarua , Boys for dating Cook Islands.Unknow1 91 - years old a man seeking a woman age from 99 till 99 Avarua , Cook Islands Dating visuomet taip: Learning Spanish Like Crazy is a Spanish course that was developed by native Latin Americans to help new learners speak actual Spanish.It touches on his struggles, where he’s coming from, and more.Another classic piece in esports insight, Dotaland will bring parts 4 through 9 in the next few days.

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As of yet, his team’s roster has not been confirmed, although it is hinted that Chisbug will no longer be with him, while some of his other previously confirmed teammates will likely stay. Mar 6 Rising Stars replaces Pretty Haw with xiaotuji Xiaotuji, formerly of Noah’s Ark, joins Rising Stars, replacing Pretty Haw.